iLoveUkraine podcast producer, Bernadette Ruggiero, and volunteers with donations at the Southampton Greek Orthodox Church.
Who We Are

Value Proposition

We focus exclusively on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Our donors see videos of their hand decorated aid packages distributed in Ukraine. We are a Platinum Guidestar rated 501c3 tax exempt charity with a 98% program efficiency ratio, high financial leverage, and safety precautions.

Single Cause: Ukraine Crisis

We focus exclusively on direct humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by the invasion so you know exactly which cause you are donating to. All of our volunteers join up specifically to pour themselves into the Ukraine emergency cause.

We specifically leave military matters to governments and keep our focus on medical, hygiene, food, clothes, and survival equipment. As a new single cause charity, we are not distracted by legacy programs for the general education and economic well being of Ukraine much less by programs for other countries.

Our Humanitarian Aid Program

Our Mission

High Financial Leverage

We get high financial leverage on cash donations entrusted with us because we often don't purchase supplies, we just pay the shipping, and we minimize the shipping by obtaining discounted shipping prices from FedEx and other carriers. Most of our donations are in-kind donations of baby, medical, hygiene, and survival supplies and clothes. We make some purchases, such as for ambulances and grain, in Europe to avoid shipping time and costs.

Guidestar platinum rating seal
iLoveUkraine received the highest rating from Guidestar, the largest source of nonprofit information.

We spend cash donations received on shipping in-kind donations which are collected by our all volunteer network, moved with in-kind truck donations to in-kind donated storage spaces. We also purchase aid items, like ambulances, in Europe quicker cheaper delivery. We are 98% efficient because 2% of our card donations are taken by stripe and Paypal. Check donations are 100% efficient.

Here is an example: On March 19, we shipped a truckload of supplies weighing 1,946 lbs to Ukraine. The shipping costs were $2,200. Think what it would have cost to hire an administrator in an office to purchase a ton of supplies before shipping.

Safety Precautions

We do not send money or goods entrusted to us to uncertain areas which are not recognized by the U.S. government as under the contol of the Ukrainian government. We spend our money with shipping companies here in the U.S. such as Meest. and Ukraine Express.

We usually send goods to iLoveUkraine volunteers that one of our U.S.volunteers have known since childhood. We send non-military supplies, much of it used, recently expired, or in odd lots, with minimal resale value.

If we to purchase goods ourselves, such as an ambulance or grain, we send the money through safe means to a known individual contacts at a trusted charity in Ukraine. For example we bought an ambulance by sending money to the Citibank account of Future of Polissya to be handled by our childhood friend. Future of Polissya purchased the ambulance and sent video and photo proof of purchase.

Learn about our payment gateway compliance which ensures that we comply with OFAC and other regulations.

We process payments securely through card industry leaders Stripe and Paypal which are connected to our Chase bank account. Once you begin a donation, our website transfers all authority to Stripe or Paypal, i.e., the URL changes to or and we at never see, handle, or store, your credit, or debit, card info.

Learn more about data safety in our privacy policy.

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Best Possible Program Efficiency Ratio with No Sneaky Loopholes

After paying 2% card processing fees, iLoveUkraine maintains a 98% program efficiency ratio. This sets us apart from most of the mega-charities which average a lower 85% efficiency because they must pay for employees and offices and we don't.

Moreover, did you know that most mega-charities spend heavily on marketing and advertising but due to an IRS loophole the mega-charities don't report the overhead spending?

At iLoveUkraine we avoid the IRS loophole and instead, rely 100% on a Google Ad Grant for our online advertising and on our local business partners for in-kind donations of bumper stickers and signs. If you see an add online or a sign, it was donated. Thank you!

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Local business supporter Shannon
I was impressed with how quickly iLoveUkraine started and that they shipped 10,000 lbs of supplies in their first three weeks. I am happy to leverage the resources of our business to help Ukrainians in need.
ShannonShannon and her husband Mark donate our iLoveUkraine logo bumper stickers. Pick up your bumper sticker in one of their Flying Point Surf and Sport stores. They also offered to help us with everything from outdoor space to trucking our supplies.

Zero Management and General Expenses

With the generous help of volunteers and donated equipment, iLoveUkraine spends zero money on what is typically the largest overhead category for nonprofits: Management and General Expense. Details listed below.

We operate exclusively with volunteers. For example, our CTO and board member, James Massa, built this website and wrote the content a week after the invasion.

We don't pay for office space because our volunteers work from home, our collections are done at school, churches and the East Hampton airport. We also hold our donations for a few days in a large church facility until we have enough for a big truck.

We don't pay equipment because we use our own computers and our trucks are all donated.

Our legal and accounting work is done pro bono.

We don't pay insurance because we don't have any equipment offices or employees.

We don't need a finance manager because we only keep an average of $2,000 in the bank, and that much only to eliminate minimum balance fees.

We use the free ten licenses that Salesforce affords to non-profits.

Zero Fundraising Expenses

With the generous help of volunteers and donated spaces, iLoveUkraine spends zero money on fundraising. For example, our first event, a scavenger hunt on April 03, 2022, is outdoors and in local stores which kindly agreed to participate. Buy tickets tax free for to help Ukrainians.